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First of all you have to know that QuadCopters (and multirotor in general) are one of the simplest aerial vehicles imaginable. They are not aereodynamic and they are completely unstable, so you need a flight controller to make them fly.

One of the most common and advanced flight controller is APM ArduPilot. Thanks to this small board, with time, patience, basic knowledge of electronics, hard work and some inevitable failures, you will be able to realize a fully autonomous aerial vehicle. 

**NOTE: you can use this board for Planes, Helicopters, Multirotor and Ground Vehicles too. There are also other boards on the market, but in these pages I will deal APM ArduPilot only, because it is the board that I use and I know better. 


**The contents offered on this page are extracted from Painless360 YouTube Channel who kindly allowed me to publish his work


To fly a multirotor we have to overcome gravity.
The amount of thrust that the motors generates has to be more than gravity to make it rise into the air. For exemple if we have a 1000g multirotor, we need twice the amount of thrust to hover and each motor will have to deliver an element of that thrust. 

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