Like the UAV 443, RP886TD is able to follow a planned route, return to launch station, take off and land without human intervention. The on board electrionics is powered by ArduPilot 2.6 and an external module with compass and GPS. At the bottom of the vehicle there is also a sonar that helps to measure the distance to the ground. These numerous sensors allow the drone to independetly manage different scenarios. With two high capacity batteries connected in parallel, RP886TD has a flight time of over 25 minutes!

This drone has been realized with the purpose to take aerial videos and photogrammetry. RP886TD is equipped with a 2 axis brushless gimbal to carry a GoPro Hero 3 camera and a very powerful FPV system to stream in real time the video to the ground. With the Minim OSD is possible to see all the information of the drone on the FPV screen.









One of the most common problems on drones are vibrations, generated by the motors and transmitted through the frame to the Flight Controller. The FC have accelerometers built into the board that are sensitive to vibrations. APM combines the data from these accelerometers with barometer and GPS data to calculate an estimate of its position. With excessive vibrations, the estimate can be thrown off and lead to very bad performance.

The best way to isolate the FC from vibration is a 3D printed anti-vibration platform like this:


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