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On this web site you have the opportunity to take advantage of content released under the GNU / GPL v3 License.
As you know some electronic components used in my projects have a significant cost, so if you feel like giving me the opportunity to continue to invest on these projects, you can make a donation via PayPal! 

Your donation will be used ONLY for the purpose of improving actual or future robotic projects and this website!




When I started to work on this first prototype I knew absolutely nothing about this field, except for some basic skills of electronics and programming.
I was driven by a strong curiosity and I wanted to get closer to the world of robotics. Someone had mentioned this revolutionary platform called Arduino and I was interested in understanding the capabilities. So I rolled up my sleeves and I tried to build a simple prototype capable of interacting with the environment.

The main goals were to cover the perimeter of an area, identify obstacles and react according to the ambient light.

This is the structure
NINO Alpha Structure
and this is the result








With the Beta version of NINO I focused on remote controls.

I made a Radio Controller to control it remotely without a computer, but I needed to do it also from the Internet. 

I created a very simple Web Server with Arduino UNO, Ethernet Shield and Xbee Shield. Connecting it to the home router and using the free DNS pointing offered by several online services, you can control NINO from any Web Browser, including mobile devices.

NINO Server was just an experiment, with the downlodable software you cannot see live through the Web browser what the robot sees!

Remote Controller
Web Server







A-Ladin is a project realized in collaboration with A.R.S. Entertainment Robotics.

This high specialized machine works in shopping malls, interacting with people in order to assist them in choosing the product they are looking for.
These operations are allowed by a high number of sensors, Microcontrollers, Computer, High-Definition camera, Advanced Software like Facial Recognition and Speech Synthesis.


**NOTE: Photos, videos and text on these pages refer to the first prototype phase of the A-Ladin project.

Actually this is the most advanced version of NINO Robot and includes all the features of the previus versions.

NINO 1.0_1
NINO 1.0_2







This machine is fully autonomous, it's designed to work inside the house. It is equipped with remote camera, proximity, light, temperature and gas sensors.

**NOTE: In NINO 1.0 Download section you NOT find the software with all the feaures indicated, like temperture and light sensor. I'm still working on it and I'll be ready to publish when all works fine.


UAV 443 is my first Aerial Robot. Equipped with ArduPilot, this quadcopter is fully autonomous.


Quadcopter + Ground Station

UAV 443_8

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